First VR coal mine in Turkey


In addition to the most advanced technologies available in the field of simulation, AKSTEK aims to provide educational and exam platform services in the exportable AR / VR environment of the highest quality, high value, globally.


With Black Diamond VR, underground coal miners experience the work progress
and learn from their mistakes in a safe and realistic environment.


OSH and vocational training programs designed complying MAPEG and ILO standards by expert engineers, based on coal mine occupation fields.


Black Diamond VR is a high performance virtual reality software with world-leading high-end photorealistic graphics and highly immersive lifelike mine environments.

Vocational training with Virtual Reality:

Black Diamond VR

With our Black Diamond VR platform, we offer an innovative, efficient and economic OHS and on-the-job training solution for mining and energy industry employees.

An innovative move in mining training

The first VR underground coal mine of Turkey


Black Diamond VR platform enables many scenarios, from simple work procedures to complicated case examples, to be experienced by coal mine workers in Virtual Reality environment. Black Diamond VR includes the following three modules:


Occupational health and safety instructions


Customized vocational training by occupation


Occupation-specific exam modules


The Black Diamond VR is designed as a virtual reality experience in which employees of all experience levels (including those who have never been in the mine) can experience the closest mining experience starting from the pitbank and the lamphouse.


It is possible to evert the occupational accidents with training. However, it is a difficult and laborious task to establish an environment that simulates environments with extraordinary conditions, such as a coal mine. Virtual reality technology provides us with a unique opportunity for training in the coal mine conditions in a safe environment.


Black Diamond VR OHS and vocational trainings are designed for everyone, from the most experienced miners to new employee candidates with no field experience. Thanks to training in a virtual and secure environment, risks such as stopping the work in the facilities for training and mishaps caused by inexperienced trainees are eliminated.





  • Lamphouse / Entrance
  • Pitbank / Exit


  • Production worker
  • Roof Support Worker
  • Preparation Worker


  • Shearer-Loader Machine
  • Shield Driver
  • Headgate Starter
  • Roof Support Worker
  • Roadheader Machine
  • Preparation Worker



  • Hydraulic fortification worker
  • Chain Conveyor Attendant
  • Belt Conveyor Attendant
  • Locomotives
  • The hooker
  • Tumbaci
  • Varagel Vinççi
  • Chain Conveyor Worker
  • Belt Conveyor Worker
  • Jobmaker – Monorajist
  • Thangaraj
  • Bagchi
  • Consultans


Miners put on a VR headset and interact with the virtual environment via head movements and hand controls, and receive training on the basic occupational health and safety and occupational procedures of their areas of expertise with the help of the instructions in the application.

Why Black Diamond VR?

Saving Time and Income


During the training of your employees, training is provided in VR environment without having to stop work in your facilities.

An Economic Solution


Black Diamond VR is an economical and portable solution that does not require a dedicated on-site installation.

One Solution for both Education and Examination


On-Job Training, Occupational Safety Training and Examination mode provides solutions to all sectoral needs.

Latest Technology


Other solutions According to Black Diamond VR:
– Static, bulky and high cost.
– Requires high hardware, space, construction, production.
– Such solutions are now obsolete.



AKSTEK'in iş başı eğitimleri, İSG talimatları ve VR deneyimleri, ileri teknolojisi, görsel kalitesi, yüksek performansı, ikna edici gerçekçi ortamı ve kolay taşınabilir pratik donanımları ile fark yaratmaktadır.





Virtual reality or VR is the three-dimensional and computer-generated environments to be interactively experienced by humans. Users intervene in the VR environment by seeing and feeling as if they are inside this virtual world, and can interact with objects around them.

Black Diamond VR platform makes a difference with its advanced technology, visual quality, high performance, high realistic environment and easily portable practical equipment. Only one computer and a VR headset can be moved in a hardcase and easily installed anywhere with 5-9 square meters of free space.

Realistic training with VR


In our VR trainings with realistic visuals, the brain thinks of itself as being confronted with real environments and situations and processes the information it receives through a strong connection as if it were happening in real life.

Unlimited repetition with VR


Wherever you want, any time, as often as you like. Thanks to VR, repetitive training is more permanent in the long run.

Secure environment with VR


Dangerous situations, expensive environments and rare scenarios can be brought to your feet with VR trainings. Moreover, with very low physical equipment consumption, no one’s nose is bleeding

Monitoring of training with VR


Compared to traditional learning methods, more training data can be identified by VR, and participants’ attentions and competences can be measured precisely. It can be reported what is learned well and what needs to be emphasized.

High interaction with VR


Experience-based learning is more permanent thanks to its high interaction. In the VR environment, participants become an interactive part of training with all their bodies.




“BLACK DIAMOND VR is the best of its kind and the most promising technology in the field of occupational safety and health training solutions for mine workers I have seen so far. Thanks to their highly realistic and convincing visuals and their interaction with the environment, it provides an experience close to being truly mine. I think that this training, where the training of difficult mine conditions is learned by watching, not by reading, but by living in itself, will be very effective in reducing work accidents. ”

Nadim Ekiz

Genel Müdür, BOTAŞ International

“The training and instructions in the BLACK DIAMOND VR Underground Coal Mine application are so understandable that even a fifth-grader could learn to be a miner with these instructions. The graphics are also very realistic, the best I’ve ever seen so far in safety applications . Virtual Reality is the best part of this training, because it makes the experience more realistic, more exciting, and more pragmatic.”

Sadık Demirbilek

Head of Financial Affairs Department, Etimaden








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